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Side Projects

Open projects built in my free time. See more at:

  • Description: Push-up Counter using camera (MoveNet pretrained model) or proximity sensor. Tracking workout by day.
  • Techstack: OpenCV, NCNN, C++, Android.
  • Description: This project helped my group achieving The First Prize in FPT Self-driving Car challenge 2020 - University round at Hanoi University of Science and Technology. In this challenge, we built a ROS node with deep neural networks to control a autonomous car in a simulation environment. My team used E-Net and U-Net for lane segmentation and customized FaceBoxesfor a light-weight traffic sign detection networks. I was the leader of this team, worked on the architecture, semantic segmentation model and car controlling.
  • Languages: Python.
  • Technologies: ROS (Robot Operating System), OpenCV, segmentation models (U-Net, ENet), object detection (FaceBoxes), Docker.
  • Github:
  • Blog post:
  • Description: A camera desktop application with funny face decorations and filters. In this project, I also integrated LBP Cascade and Haar Cascade models trained by myself to detect faces. This project supports both Linux and Windows.
  • Languages: C++.
  • Technologies: Qt, OpenCV, face detection and alignment algorithms.
  • Github:
  • Description: This is a group project for FPT self-driving car challenge 2018. We used Watershed and Floodfill algorithms for lane segmentation, a color-based method for traffic sign detection andHOG + SVM for sign classification. I worked on the architecture, algorithms for lane segmentation, a method for traffic sign detection and car control algorithm.
  • Languages: C++.
  • Technologies: OpenCV, Image processing, Color-based Object detection, Traffic Sign detection using HOG SVM.
  • Github:
  • Demo:
  • Description: We built a completed store management solution with a lot of features such asbilling, management UI for bills, warehouse, suppliers, customers, finance and employees. I worked on the desktop application.
  • Languages: Desktop App: Javascript, HTML CSS; Server: Java
  • Technologies: Desktop App: Electron; Server: Java Spring Boot.
  • Github:
  • Demo: Youtube Video.
  • Description: Online BattleShip game using ReactJS for frontend, Flask for backend and Websocket for realtime communication. We also implemented a chatting system and friend list. I worked mostly on frontend part (ReactJS).
  • Github: